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Hyundai IONIQ Quick Start Guide

Unlocking & Driving

15 minutes before the start of your booking, we’ll send you a TXT message letting you know the name and parking bay of your Zilch EV. 

1. Check & Unlock

  • Check and report for damage
  • Scan your Zilch card over the card reader in the front windscreen to unlock
  • Unplug the charging cable and return it to the charging unit

2. Belt On & Power Up

  • Jump in, get comfy, adjust mirrors & make it click.
  • Hold your foot on the brake pedal
  • Press the POWER button on the dashboard to the left of the steering wheel

3. Push & Go

  • Gear buttons are located in the centre console; the same place you’d find an old school gear stick.
  • Keeping your foot on the brake, select your drive gear and go!

Finishing up

Drop your car off at the same hub you picked it up from, or to the One-Way destination hub you’ve chosen at the time of your booking.

1. Park up

  • Park politely in any available Zilch parking space at the destination hub
  • Remove your belongings and rubbish, leaving the car clean & tidy for the next driver.
  • If there’s a Zilch charger at the hub, connect charger.

2. Power Down

  • Press the Park button pull the Handbrake lever in the centre console
  • Press the Power button to switch off your car
  • If there’s a Zilch charger at the hub, connect and activate charger.

3. Lock Up & End Booking

  • Lock the car by scanning your Zilch card over the card reader.
  • Hubs with Zilch chargers: Scan your Zilch card on the charging unit until you hear a beep.
  • Hubs without Zilch chargers: Your booking will automatically end shortly after you lock up.
  • When your booking has successfully ended, we’ll send you a TXT confirmation.