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Drive the future, today


Drive a better tomorrow, today

On-demand electric cars in Auckland & Christchurch

Fun to drive & great for the environment


BMW i3

200km range – 30kWh li-ion battery – 5-star ANCAP safety


Hyundai Kona Electric

449km range – 64kWh li-ion battery – 5-star ANCAP safety


Hyundai IONIQ Electric

200km range – 28kWh li-ion battery – 5-star ANCAP safety


How Zilch works


Sign up and get verified


Book by the hour or by the day


Drive wherever you need to


Drop the car at the destination hub

We’re passionate about creating a world where cities are free of pollution and congestion, so everyone can live happier, healthier lives.

What Zilch members are saying

As a public organisation who has a clear plan to reduce its carbon emissions and be net carbon neutral by 2030 at latest, we know it’s vital to reduce our transport emissions, which form such a major part of the city’s emissions. We know how urgent it is to reduce our carbon footprint.

Not only has Zilch provided a transport solution without the use of fossil fuel, but they have also encouraged people to try electric vehicles and enjoy the benefits of, and the experience of driving them.”

Vicki Buck


“At Aurecon we have made a commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. A transition to a fully electric fleet that Zilch was offering was an obvious choice for our business. 

Zilch presented the opportunity to transition to a modern fleet of vehicles with improved safety standards including In Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS).  This is an important next step for our health and safety journey. 

We are really enjoying the simplicity of Zilch and our staff are really excited to be part of the sustainable transport initiative.”

Car Deveraux

New Zealand Regional Director, Aurecon

“When I need a car I book via the app, jump in, sync my music and the car instantly feels like it’s my own.

Whether it’s for a work meeting or heading out on the weekend shopping, it’s easy.”

Nicole Oliver

Zilch Private Member

Zilch Trip Types

Round Trip

Pick up from a specific hub.

Drop off to the same hub.

Available from all hub locations in Auckland & Christchurch.


One Way

Pick up from one hub. Drop off to another. Available between the following hubs:

West End & Christchurch Airport

The Crossing & Christchurch Airport


The Club

Monthly after-hours subscription, offering
a car every week night and weekend.

Sold out in Christchurch

Coming soon to Auckland


Electric cars aren’t the answer 

Most cars sit unused 95% of the time, so it seems pretty ludicrous to buy one of your own, doesn’t it? Car sharing not only increases the amount of time each car is driven, there are also loads of other benefits for car sharers, and cities alike


Zilch cars are all 100% battery electric. There’s no petrol or diesel used in Zilch cars


One shared car can replace 10 privately used vehicles, freeing our city streets

Safer Roads

All our cars are ANCAP 5-star rated, full of the latest safety technology


Shared private & public use means anyone over 21yrs can drive Zilch cars

Ready to drive?


  • Download the Zilch app to join, or sign up online.
  • Verify you’re over 21yrs with a full valid driver license by uploading a copy of your driver license and a selfie.
  • We’ll check your license and send out your Zilch card via post.

If you can’t wait for the post to arrive, you can arrange to grab your card from Zilch HQ in Auckland CBD, during businss hours.

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