Car sharing BMW i3

Driving Zilch Electric Cars

Getting Started

1. Find your car

Your booking confirmation email includes info about the Zilch hub you’ve booked from, and a reminder you can add to your digital diary.

15 minutes before your booking starts, you’ll get a txt with the name and parking bay of your Zilch EV.

Don’t delay – you’ve got 15 mins from booking start time to unlock your car before it expires.

2. Check for damage

Always make sure you have a good look around the car, to make sure it’s ship-shape and safe for you to drive.

If you find anything out of sorts, or if the car needs a good scrub up; take photos of the issue and give us a call.

Help us keep Zilch cars top-notch

3. Unlock your car

Using a Zilch card: Scan your card over the card reader behind the front windscreen to unlock

Scanning the QR Code: Use your phones camera or QR Code reader and open the webpage of the car and log-in to unlock your car.

Your car will automatically unlock, ready for you to drive.

4. Remove charging cable

  • If you’re picking up from a Zilch hub with charging units, remove the cable before you head off.
  • You won’t get far if you forget this step – Zilch EV’s know they’re still plugged in and won’t go into gear while connected to a charger.

5. Jump in and get connected

  • Get to know the car and get comfy: Adjusting your seat, mirrors and steering wheel just as you like them.
  • Connect your mobile for handsfree calling and playing your own tunes.

Make it click: Always remember your seatbelt

6. Time for lift off!

  • Place your foot on the brake and power up.
  • Select D for Drive or R for Reverse, and when it’s safe to do so, head out of the car park.
  • If present, barrier arms will automatically lift for Zilch cars.

Enjoy your drive!

Finishing up

Drop your car off at the same hub you picked it up from, or to the One-Way destination hub you’ve chosen at the time of your booking.

1. Park up & power down

  • Park politely in any available Zilch parking space at the destination hub.
  • Put the car into Park & pull the Handbrake lever in the centre console.
  • Power down by pressing the START STOP (BMW i3) or POWER (Hyundai’s) button.
  • Remove your belongings and rubbish, leaving the car clean & tidy for the next driver.

2. Remove rubbish & belongings

  • Be a kind car sharer and leave the car clean and tidy for the next driver.
  • Remove all your personal belongings, and discard of any waste responsibly.
  • Left something behind? Get in touch to lodge a lost property enquiry.

3. Lock Up & End Booking

  • Lock the car by scanning your Zilch card over the card reader, or scan the QR code to use your mobile.
  • If present, tap your card onto the Zilch pedestal charging unit to end your booking. Otherwise, your booking will automatically end shortly after you lock up.
  • When your booking has successfully ended, we’ll send you a TXT confirmation.