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EV Subscriptions

If you work in the city and pay for parking, you could save thousands by making the switch to a Zilch Commuter Subscription

Hack your commute

Zilch subscriptions offer EV commuting at a fraction of the cost of private ownership by sharing cars between commuters and Zilch business members.

Commute to the CBD in a Zilch EV, and during the day the car is available for other Zilch members to drive by-the-hour.

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Commuter Subscriptions include:

Overnight use of a Zilch EV

Premium CBD Parking


WoF & Rego

Roadside Assistance

A Zilch EV all weekend long

Home Charger in the boot

Maintenance & Repairs

Full Insurance

How it works

1. Reserve a subscription

Choose your preferred EV & pick-up location. If you’re new to Zilch, you’ll need to set up an account, upload a copy of your driver license and submit a selfie so we can confirm your identity.

We’ll get in touch to confirm your subscription and get you ready to drive

2. Grab your car for the night

A Zilch EV will be waiting for you from 4:30pm each weekday, from your subscribed Zilch hub.

We’ll send you an SMS 15 mins prior to your booking tolet you know the name of the car, and what parking bay you can find it in. 

3. Unlock. Zoom home.

Scan the cars QR code to unlock. Get comfy, make it click and roll out. There’s no need to pay parking – Car park barrier arms will automatically lift for you.

Head home or wherever, the car is all yours until 9am the next weekday morning.

4. Drop it back

Return the car neat & tidy to the same Zilch hub, by 9am the next weekday. Park up in any reserved Zilch space. Remove all your belongings and lock up. 

During business hours, the car is available for approved Zilch members to drive on short-term bookings.

5. Repeat

Follow steps 2-4 every weekday, commuting to and from the CBD in a Zilch EV.

When Friday afternoon rolls around, the car is yours for the entire weekend.

Available cars

Hyundai Kona Electric


  • 449kM Range
  • Apple Car Play™ & Android Auto®
  • Blindspot Collision Warning
  • Lane Keep Assist

Auckland – $225 per week
Christchurch – $225 per week

Hyundai IONIQ Electric


  • 200kM Range
  • Apple Car Play™ & Android Auto®
  • Smart Cruise Control
  • Lane Keep Assist
Auckland – $199 per week
Christchurch – $149 per week
Car sharing BMW i3



  • 180kM Range
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 5-door Hatch
  • Pillarless Butterfly Doors
Auckland – $199 per week
Christchurch – $149 per week

“I love knowing that we’ve given up our second car and are reducing our impact on the environment. Love being part of a really positive initiative that can make a difference. Plus the cars are really nice to drive!”

— Bronwyn C

See how much you could save

Enter your weekly parking and petrol costs to see how much you could save by making the switch from car ownership, to an EV subscription.

Rates displayed on this calculator are based on EECAs total cost of ownership tool

Subscription FAQs

When can I use a car?

Subscriptions include access to a car from 4:30pm every weekday, and all weekend long.

Mon 5:00pm to Tues 9am
Tues 5:00pm to Wed 9am
Wed 5:00pm to Thur 9am
Thur 5:00pm to Fri 9am
Fri 5:00pm to Mon 9am

What if I need a car outside of these hours, or am running late?

If you need a car during the day, go ahead and book one, as usual. If you’re running late or want a car a little longer, just give us a call and we’ll extend your booking.

Any use outside of subscription times will be charged at standard Private Member rental rates.

What happens if I'm sick?

Just like your job, subscribers get 5 sick days per year. During sick days you can pay a reduced daily rate of $49 to keep the car for the day. Just as long as you give us the heads up you’re not feeling well.

50km travel allowance is included so you can go to the doctor, the pharmacy, drop the kids off to school, or make other essential trips.

What about Public Holidays?

Public Holidays are included at no additional costs.

For mondayised public holidays, this means you’ll have an EV for the full long weekend. 

I'm heading away, can I end my booking at the Airport, and pick up a car on my return?

If you’re a Christchurch member, we can merge your Club booking with a one-way trip. We’d just need a heads up at least one working day prior to your travel, to make arrangements for you. The car you drop at the airport would be used by other members while you’re away, but we’ll make sure there is a car for you to pick-up on your return.

Use outside of usual Club hours will be charged at standard rates.

In Auckland, this feature is not currently available, but we are aiming for it to up and running later this year.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Besides our usual Terms and Conditions, additional Subscription Ts & Cs apply when joining

View Subscription Terms and Conditions

What do I do if I make the car super dirty during my booking?

Car sharing isn’t the same as hiring a rental car. When you bring the car back, someone else will be taking it out, and expecting it’ll be mess-free.

This means there’s no eating, smoking or pets inside cars and if you make a mess inside or outside, please clean it up, or let us know so we can arrange for the car to be groomed, and bill you accordingly.

Can my partner drive the car?

Anyone who is a registered Zilch member may drive your Club car during your bookings, however, they must use your Zilch Card to lock and unlock the car.


How, and where, do I charge the car?

Subscription Terms and Conditions state that you need to bring the car back with 80% charge by 9am, so you’ll probably need to charge it overnight. 

Zilch EVs have charging cables in the boot for trickle charging, or you can pay to use ChargeNet rapid charging units. 

Free EV charing is available at certain public locations, but shouldn’t be relied upon. 

Can I switch my Club booking into a Business booking?

With approval from your Fleet Manager, you can switch your Club booking to your business account during work hours. Just log-in to your business account and make a new booking from 9am from the same hub your Club car is based at. Give us a call before 9am to let us know what you’ve done, and we’ll do the rest.

What if I don't need a car overnight?

If you end up at the pub after work and can’t drive home, or for any other reason don’t need a car, you can leave it parked in it’s Zilch hub at no additional cost.

Bookings which aren’t activated by 2:30am are automatically placed back into the sharing pool, so that other members can make an early morning booking on the car.

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